This is a dummy package listing the dependencies of (always) the latest version of Rsence.

More info:

List of dependencies with a brief description:

  • rake

    • Ruby build tool

    • Not necessarily required via ruby gems, if installed via a system-level package

  • coffee-script

    • Ruby library for .coffee -> .js compliation

  • rack

    • Abstract ruby web server interface

    • A rack handler is also required. One of the following is suggested:

      • unicorn

        Suggested for production deployment. Use Apache, Nginx or similar front-ends for virtual hosts, SSL and such.

      • mongrel

        Suggested for development use, also works for production when combined with a front-end proxy for virtual hosts etc.

      • thin

        Alternative for development use.

      • webrick

        Bundled with ruby (no installation required). Very slow; use as last resort

  • json

    Library for bi-directional JSON conversion.

  • yaml

    Library for handling YAML files

  • randgen

    C-optimized random string generator developed for RSence specifically

  • jsmin_c

    C-optimized Javascript whitespace removal library; Ruby wrapper developed for RSence specifically; based on the original JSMin

  • jscompress

    C-optimized Javascript compression and obfuscation library developed for RSence specifically

  • html_min

    C-optimized HTML whitespace removal library developed for RSence specifically

  • cssmin

    CSS whitespace removal library

  • sequel

    • Generic SQL database ORM

    • A Sequel driver for your preferred database is also needed:

      • sqlite3

        SQLite is a light-weight SQL library. Recommended for development and small projects.

      • Other database adapters compatible with Sequel are fine. Just configure RSence accordingly.

  • highline

    Console-based menu prompt system by the init command.

  • rmagick

    • Optional, but suggested, because RSence has RMagick -savvy features, like serving RMagick objects using tickets that are rendered only when requested.

    • Some plugins depend on it directly.