Ruby interface to Windows Serial Port API

author      hugo benichi
email       hugo[dot]benichi[at]m4x[dot]org
copyright   2012,2013 hugo benichi
version     0.1.4


  run in the gem root directory:
  $ rake gem_install

  It will compile the gem library and produce a .gem package for ruby, and
  automatically install it


  cf test/test_rs232-sigmakoki.rb

  the list of commands is

    home                # brings back both rotating plates to mechanical origin
    stop                # stop with deceleration
    stop!               # emergency stop
    status              # current plate driver status
    rom                 # internal rom version
    ready?              # is the stage ready to accept the next command
    busy?               # is the stage currently executing some command
    jog '++'|'++'|'+-'  # slowly moves both stages in + or - direction
    move a [,b]         # move stage 1 of a steps, and stage 2 of b steps
    move! a [,b]        # same as move, but wait until the stages are ready
    amove a [,b]        # move stage 1 to position ax, and stage 2 to b
    amove! a [,b]       # same as amove, but wait until the stages are ready
    position            # return the position of both stages
    position_of i       # return the position of stage i (1,2)