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Pimp your prompt :-)

This prompt is a shameless port (and enhancement) of the "Informative git prompt for bash and fish" which you can find here.

This gem is targeted toward users who use ruby, rvm and git. It will improve your bash prompt by displaying information about the current git repository or the rvm ruby version and gemset.

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The prompt is customizable via a yaml file that enables you to:

  • choose the options you want to see
  • set your standard unix prompt
  • set your git prompt
  • set your rvm prompt
  • change the layout of what goes where
  • change the symbols to identify options
  • change colors (all colors provided by the term-ansicolor gem)

Using the layout is actually very easy: throw the name of the options around, add white spaces, delimiters, etc... Save, hit enter in your shell, done!


A few recommandations to make your life easier ;)

  • Install this gem in your global gemset. This way, rprompt will be available everywhere, whatever gemset you're using

  • When upgrading save your config file and create a new one with rpromptconf (specially for minor and major releases)

  • If you edit the config.yml file with vi and can not see the symbols characters correctly, try :set encoding=utf-8 (you might want to put this in your .vimrc)

  • If you don't want a fancy symbol or color, but still want the option use :none

  • The layout is just a string of option names (status , modified, staged ...) concatenated in the order you want them to appear, with or without white spaces, or what ever you characters you choose.

  • Report bugs ;)

Git examples

The prompt may look like the following:

  • (master↑3|✚1): on branch master, ahead of remote by 3 commits, 1 file changed but not staged
  • (status|●2): on branch status, 2 files staged
  • (master|✚7…): on branch master, 7 files changed, some files untracked
  • (master|✖2✚3): on branch master, 2 conflicts, 3 files changed
  • (experimental↓2↑3|✔): on branch experimental; your branch has diverged by 3 commits, remote by 2 commits; the repository is otherwise clean

The symbols are as follows:

  • Local Status Symbols
    • : repository clean
    • ●n: there are n staged files
    • ✖n: there are n unmerged files
    • ✚n: there are n changed but unstaged files
    • …n: there are n untracked files
  • Branch Tracking Symbols
    • ↑n: ahead of remote by n commits
    • ↓n: behind remote by n commits

Rvm examples

  • ∆1.9.3-p448: ruby version 1.9.3
  • ›global: using the global gemset


$ gem install rprompt

Once the gem is installed,

$ rpromptconf

This will provide a standard config file: $HOME/.rprompt/config.yml

To make the magic happen:

  • edit your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile (depending on your preferences and setup)
  • if you're setting PS1 already, comment it while you're using rprompt
  • paste the following line at the end of the file


  • quit your terminal and re-open it for the change to take effect.

Edit $HOME/.rprompt/config.yml to change the configuration. (you can always re-install the default configuration by issuing rpromptconf)

Enjoy :)

Tested on MacOS 10.8.4 and Fedora 19