README for roo


sudo gem install roo


require 'roo'

sob = Openoffice("myspreadsheet.ods") # creates an Openoffice Spreadsheet instance
sob = Excel("myspreadsheet.xls") # creates an Excel Spreadsheet instance
sob = Google("myspreadsheetkey_at_google") # creates an Google Spreadsheet instance

sob.default_sheet = sob.sheets.first # first sheet in the spreadsheet file will be used
sob.cell(1,1) # returns the content of the first row/first cell in the sheet
sob.cell('A',1) # same cell # prints infos about the spreadsheet file

sob.first_row # the number of the first row
sob.last_row # the number of the last row
sob.first_column # the number of the first column
sob.last_column # the number of the last column

see for a more complete tutorial