RongCloud Server API SDK in Ruby

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This repository implements most essential apis for RongCloud Server API in Ruby programming language.

Getting Started

  1. Install the gem:
  $ gem install rong_cloud_server

or, install it in Gemfile:

  gem 'rong_cloud_server'
  1. Append the following configurations in a initializer file:
  require 'rong_cloud'

  RongCloud.configure do |config|
    config.app_key = "APP_KEY"
    config.app_secret = "SECRET_KEY"
    # = ""   # default:, use http here is just convenient for debugging
    # config.timeout = 10 # set open timeout and read timeout in seconds for http request, default is 2 seconds
    # config.debug_mode = true # if need to log request and response details, the log file is at "log/rong_cloud_debug.log", default is `false`
  1. Use the instance of RongCloud::Service to talk to RongCloud Server:
  service =

  # Find more usage from test files under
  service.get_token(..., ..., ...)


  1. Lightweight:No other third-party gems dependences;
  2. Straight and Simple:Just wrap api connections in Ruby, no any DSL and so that you do not learn too many new syntax, no any process on response;
  3. Detailed Exceptions:Detailed and different exceptions according to the http status code,and you can get the detailed error code, officially defined by RongCloud, through calling the extended method business_code on a exception, please refer to request test.

How to work with Realtime Message Forward or Online Status Subscription

Just include RongCloud::Signature in your codes to validate api signature and then parse params.

More infos about parameters, refer to the official documents.

Run tests

ruby -Ilib -Itest -e 'ARGV.each { |f| require f }' ./test/**/*_test.rb

How to contribute

  1. Fork this repo;
  2. Write your code and test;
  3. Open a new Pull Request.