Module: Roda::RodaPlugins::DisallowFileUploads

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The disallow_file_uploads plugin raises a Roda::RodaPlugins::DisallowFileUploads::Error if there is an attempt to upload a file. This plugin is useful for applications where multipart file uploads are not expected and you want to remove the ability for rack to create temporary files. Example:

plugin :disallow_file_uploads

This plugin is only supported on Rack 1.6+. This plugin does not technically block users from uploading files, it only blocks the parsing of request bodies containing multipart file uploads. So if you do not call r.POST (or something that calls it such as r.params), then Roda will not attempt to parse the request body, and an exception will not be raised.

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lambda{|_,_| raise Error, "Support for uploading files has been disabled"}