RJSON is a template handler to create JSON views. RJSON expects views to return Ruby objects, and will then call to_json on it.


# show.json.rjson
  :id => @item.id,
  :name => @item.name

RJSON Partials

RJSON also has special support for RJSON partials, so it shouldn't be a problem to do the following:

# items/index.json.rjson
# We're doing map because we need to return an array of rendered items
@items.map do |item|
  render item

# items/_item.json.rjson
  :id => @item.id,
  :name => @item.name

Regular partials

Regular erb partials will just render as string, as expected


RJSON is a gem, so you can just include it in your Gemfile, and you can start using rjson templates in your app.

gem 'rjson'


Copyright © 2011 Jan De Poorter. See LICENSE.txt for further details.