A gem to talk to Amazon Web Services to get wishlist feeds. See it live: www.my-amazon-feeds.com.


am = AmazonRequest.new(amazon_access_key_id, amazon_secret_access_key, ecs_to_rss_wishlist, amazon_associate_tag)
results = am.get_amazon_feeds(username) # username needs to be the user's Amazon email
feeds = results.collect { |result| OpenStruct.new(:url => result, :title => 'Amazon Wishlist', :name => 'wishlist') }

amazon_access_key_id:     Key from your AWS console
amazon_secret_access_key: Secret from your AWS console. 
amazon_associate_tag:     Optional parameter that can contain your associate tag.
ecs_to_rss_wishlist:      Url where the xslt transform lives.  This has to be a public url.  I've included a version in the gem.


Sync in the ecs_to_rss_wishlist.xslt file:

rake river:sync


Here's some more information: www.justinball.com/2009/10/30/river-amazon-wishlist-gem/

Copyright © 2009-2010 Tatemae. See LICENSE for details.