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Risu is Nessus parser, that converts Nessus .nessus xml files into a ActiveRecord database, this allows for easy report generation and vulnerability verification.



Risu has been tested with ruby-2.0.0, ruby-2.1.0 and ruby-2.2.3. Please use the latest version if possible. I recommend using chruby or RVM to setup your ruby environment.


Risu relies heavily on RubyGems to install other dependencies I highly recommend using it. RubyGems is included by default in the 1.9.x versions of Ruby.

  • libxml
  • rails
  • yaml
  • logger
  • rmagick
  • gruff
  • prawn
  • mysql2
  • nokogiri


Installation is really easy just gem install!

% gem install risu

Installation with gem signature verification

% gem cert --add <(curl -Ls https://raw.github.com/hammackj/risu/master/certs/hammackj.pem
% gem install risu -P MediumSecurity

Runtime Requirements

These are all available through RubyGems. The should be installed automatically when you install risu, If not this command will install them all:

% gem install rmagick gruff prawn yard mysql2 libxml-ruby rails sqlite3 logger yaml nokogiri

You my need sudo/root access depending on your system setup, Please see detailed install guides for your system!

Developmental Requirements

These are all available through RubyGems. These are required to run the tests, generate the documentation and test coverage. This command will install them all:

% gem install simplecov yard minitest test-unit

You my need sudo/root access depending on your system setup, Please see detailed install guides for your system!

Any database that ActiveRecord supports should work. Risu has been tested with MySQL and SQLite3.


The following is some of the basic usage for risu. You must setup the database before you can start parsing in reports. All parsed reports share the same database, so all reports are combined as one inside of a database. I suggest a new database per required assessment.

Database Setup

% risu --create-config
% $EDITOR risu.cfg
% risu --create-tables
  1. Generate the risu.cfg file.
  2. Edit the risu.cfg file, filling in the variables as needed.
  3. Migrate the database schema.

Parsing Nessus Output

% risu report1.nessus [report2.nessus ...]
  1. Parse the files by passing their names on the command line.

Viewing Data

The data can be viewed with any query browser available for your database of choice.

Generating Reports

To generate a report please execute the following after the the data is parsed into the database.

% risu -t <TEMPLATE_NAME> -o "REPORT_NAME.pdf"

Risu Console

Using the risu Console is just like using Rails. You can access all of the ActiveRecord models directly and pull specific data from each model. Like SQL only easier!

$ risu --console

 _ __(_)___ _   _
| '__| / __| | | |
| |  | \__ \ |_| |
|_|  |_|___/\__,_|_

risu Console v1.7.2
>> Host.first
=> #<Risu::Models::Host id: 1, report_id: 1, name: "", os: "Linux Kernel 2.6 on Debian 4.0 (etch)", mac: "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX", start: "2011-04-20 16:29:37", end: "2011-04-20 16:32:14", ip: "", fqdn: "redada.hammackj.net", netbios: "REDADA", local_checks_proto: nil, smb_login_used: nil, ssh_auth_meth: nil, ssh_login_used: nil, pci_dss_compliance: nil, notes: nil>


Several templates are included, but is recommend you build your own based on what you need.

$ risu -l
Available Templates
    stig_findings_summary - DISA Stig findings summary report
    pci_compliance - Generates a PCI Compliance Overview Report
    technical_findings - Generates a Technical Findings Report
    ms_patch_summary - Generates a Microsoft Patch Summary Report
    findings_summary_with_pluginid - Generates a Findings Summary with Nessus Plugin ID
    findings_host - Generates a findings report by host
    exec_summary - Generates a simple executive summary.
    finding_statistics - Generates report finding statistics
    graphs - Generates a report with all the graphs in it
    findings_summary - Generates a findings summary report
    assets - Generates a Assets Summary Report
    cover_sheet - Generates a coversheet with a logo (Example Template)
    notable_detailed - Notable Vulnerabilities Detailed
    ms_update_summary - Generates a Microsoft Update Summary Report
    template - template
    notable - Notable Vulnerabilities
    ms_wsus_findings - Generates a report based on the findings of the Patch Management: WSUS Report plugin
    exec_summary_detailed - Generates a detailed executive summary report
    host_summary - Generates a Host Summary Report

The templates are written in ruby using prawn, they are fairly easy to make. I will add any templates as requested. See the 'template' example for creating your own template.


If you would like to contribute templates/bug fixes/etc to risu. The easiest way is to fork the project on github and make the changes in your fork and the submit a pull request to the project on the dev branch. Please include unit tests for anything non trivial.


If you have any problems, bugs or feature requests please use the github issue tracker.


You can reach me at jacob.hammack[at]hammackj[dot]com. You can also contact me on IRC as hammackj on irc.freenode.net, #risu