A ripl plugin that smooths the transition from irb by mocking out IRB. Safely captures all IRB calls and points to ripl equivalents for irb's commands and config options.


Install the gem with:

sudo gem install ripl-irb


From the commandline

$ ripl -rripl/irb

Or add to your ~/.riplrc

require 'ripl/irb'

When your mocked out IRB encounters a ripl equivalent, it prints a message:

# When encountering a IRB.config[:HISTORY_FILE]
Use Ripl.config[:history] instead of IRB.config[:HISTORY_FILE]

When you invoke an irb command, you'll get pointed to a similar ripl command:

>> context
See config() in ripl-commands plugin

To disable printing these messages:

Ripl.config[:irb_verbose] = false