Downloading newest radio programs on the web. Supported radio stations are:

  • hibiki
  • onsen
  • niconico
  • freshlive.tv
  • himalaya.fm
  • Abobi Store

If you want to save files as MP3, needs ffmpeg command. To download niconico video, also needs latest youtube-dl command (you can get it from https://yt-dl.org/), then specify niconico user ID and password to ~/.netrc as:

machine niconico
   [your ]
  password [your password]

For customize radio programs, copy rget.yaml to ~/.rget or current work directory and edit it. config file search paths are:

  • RGET_CONFIG environment variable
  • ./rget.yaml
  • ~/.rget
  • <command path>/../rget.yaml (for gem)


  $ gem install rget


rget command

download a recent radio program to .MP3/.MP4 file.

# save a template of the radio program configration
rget yaml http://example.com/radio >> ~/.rget

# download and convert to mp3 THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls Radio
rget imas_cg

# download takamori only (saving movie file as .MP4)
rget takamori --no-mp3

# srore mp3 file to specified directory
rget suzakinishi --path=/home/hoge/radio

# store mp3 file to radio folder of Dropbox
rget matsui --path=dropbpx://radio

add_mp3info command

set cover photo into mp3 file and set file name as the title

add_mp3info sample.mp3 cover.jpg