Universal Feed Parser

Original Python code Copyright (c) 2002-5 by Mark Pilgrim
Ruby port by Jeff Hodges.


Parse nearly any RSS and Atom feeds in Ruby. 3000 unit tests. Open source.


For Debian-based systems:

$ sudo apt-get install libxml-ruby1.8 # or libxml-parser-ruby1.8

TODO: dependency installation instructions for other platforms.

And then:

$ sudo gem install rfeedparser

Or for the latest development version:

$ git clone git://github.com/technomancy/rfeedparser.git

Dependencies on other gems are handled by rubygems, but rfeedparser also relies on having bindings to a native XML parsing library. The recommended choice is libxml, which is installable with the libxml-ruby1.8 package in Debian-based systems. But it can also fall back to expat (the libxml-parser-ruby1.8 Debian package) if libxml is not installed.


require 'rubygems' # may omit if installed manually
require 'rfeedparser'

feed = FeedParser.parse("some-feed-stream-filepath-or-url")

feed.entries.each do |e|
  puts e.title
  puts e.content
  puts e.published
  puts '----'


Clone the git repository at git://github.com/jmhodges/rfeedparser.git and which has a webpage at github.com/jmhodges/rfeedparser/tree/master.