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Tool to automatically assign reviewers to GitHub pull requests and to move and comment on their Trello cards.

What it does:

  • Finds pull requests with missing reviewers in your GitHub repos.
  • Assigns random members of your team.
  • Locates the right card in your Trello board.
  • Mentions the assigned reviewer in a comment on the card.
  • Moves the card to the 'In review' column.


For the latest and greatest version you should git clone

Usage User.all, github_config: {}, trello_config: {}).run

Users must respond to trello_handle and github_handle methods.

Examples for github_config and trello_config can be found in config/.

Matching Trello cards

To match a Trello card to a pull request, its title has to end with the card number (not the id)


URL of the Trello card:

Pull request title should be: Fix almost everything 4242

Note: Pull requests without a matching Trello card get skipped and won't be assigned to a reviewer.


You can tweak Reviewlette's behavior by adding special labels to your pull request:

Label Description
2 reviewers Assign two reviewers