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A React.js-based rendering engine for Ruby on Rails

An easy-to-implement isomorphic JavaScript layer for people who love Rails and React, plus a bunch of helpful glue to put it all together. Server-side rendering and routing makes search engines happy. Client-side rendering and routing makes users happy. Only having to write it in one place makes programmers happy.

Data-driven components powered by Backbone.js

Do you like Backbone? Revelry::Core does. Anything you can do in Backbone, you can do in Revelry::Core, and it provides helpful form components and bindings to interact nicely with React.

Styles powered by SASS and Zurb Foundation

Revelry::Core includes components that mirror many of Foundation's styles, including the grid system. All of Foundation's mixins are available, and your project can be themed simply by overriding SASS variables.

BSD License

Revelry::Core is provided under a BSD license.


Pull requests are welcome! See our issues page for details or to add new issues. Things you might want to know: Currently Revelry::Core uses a lot of CoffeeScript, but we are working toward a move to ES6. Our tests are written in RSpec and Jasmine.