RightScale REST Connection

This gem is deprecated!

If you only use API 1.5, you should use the right_api_client gem instead.

The rest_connection gem is a Ruby library for RightScale's API 0.1, 1.0 and 1.5.

Legacy clusters:

  • API 0.1 AWS clouds
  • API 1.0 AWS clouds
  • API 1.5 non-AWS clouds

Unified clusters:

  • API 1.0 AWS clouds
  • API 1.5 all clouds

This gem also supports RightScale's instance facing API 1.0, which use the instance token to login. The instance token is found in the instance's user data as 'RS_rn_auth' or alternatively as part of 'RS_api_url'. The user data is available under the 'Info' tab on the server's page in the RightScale Dashboard.


Ruby 1.8.7 or higher is required.

Installing from RubyGems

"gem install rest_connection"

Installing from source

"git clone git@github.com:rightscale/rest_connection.git"
"cd rest_connection"
"gem install rconf"
"rconf" <- follow any further instructions from rconf
"bundle install"


This gem follows semantic versioning.

Usage Instructions

You must setup '~/.rest_connection/rest_api_config.yaml' or '/etc/rest_connection/rest_api_config.yaml'

Copy the example from '$GEMHOME/rest_connection/config/rest_api_config.yaml.sample' and fill in your connection info.

Pro Tip: to find a $GEMHOME, use gemedit

"gem install gemedit"
"gem edit rest_connection"

The following examples assume an interactive ruby session (irb):

$ bundle exec irb
ruby> require 'rubygems'; require 'rest_connection'

Look up and run a RightScript

first_fe = Server.find(:first) { |s| s.nickname =~ /Front End/ }
st = ServerTemplate.find(first_fe.server_template_href)
connect_script = st.executables.detect { |ex| ex.name =~ /LB [app|mongrels]+ to HA proxy connect/i }
state = first_fe.run_executable(connect_script)

Stop a Deployment

deployment = Deployment.find(opts[:id])
my_servers = deployment.servers
my_servers.each { |s| s.stop }
my_servers.each { |s| s.wait_for_state("stopped") }

Activate an Ec2ServerArray / Display instances IPs

my_array = Ec2ServerArray.find(opts[:href])
my_array.active = true

puts my_array.instances.map { |i| i['ip-address'] }

Design Decisions

Currently, all API resources are represented by classes in 'lib/rest_connection/rightscale'. Various helper modules are also located in this directory.

API 0.1 resources

API 0.1 resources are often named with suffix '_internal'.

They often pull in common internal code:

include RightScale::Api::Internal
extend RightScale::Api::InternalExtend

API 1.0 resources

API 1.0 resources are often named with prefix 'ec2_' for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

They often pull in common internal code:

include RightScale::Api::Base
extend RightScale::Api::BaseExtend

API 1.5 resources

API 1.5 resources are often named with prefix 'mc_' for MultiCloud. They often talk to the MultiCloud gateway and therefore pull in some common gateway code:

include RightScale::Api::Gateway
extend RightScale::Api::GatewayExtend


Wrong ruby version

Ruby 1.8.7 or higher is required.


To cut a new gem and push to RubyGems:

Edit lib/rest_connection/version.rb with semantic version number.

"bundle exec gem build rest_connection.gemspec"
"ls *.gem" <- verify that gem was built
"cd /tmp"
"bundle exec gem install /path/to/local/rest_connection-X.Y.Z.gem" <- replace X.Y.Z with your new version number
"bundle exec gem uninstall rest_connection"
"cd -"
"bundle exec gem push rest_connection-X.Y.Z.gem"

Check it out: rest_connection