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Rend-Acl is a port of Zend_Acl with modifications made to bring the api more inline with Ruby conventions.


Rend-Acl provides a lightweight and flexible access control list (ACL) implementation for privileges management. In general, an application may utilize such ACL's to control access to certain protected objects by other requesting objects.

For the purposes of this documentation:

  • A Role is an object that may request access to a Resource or Privilege.
    • (e.g., "Passenger", "Driver", "Mechanic")
  • A Resource is an object to which access is controlled.
    • (e.g., "Car", "Boat", "Train")
  • A Privilege is an (optional) level of control which enables further refinement.
    • (e.g., "Drive", "Sell", "Repair")

Through use of an ACL an application may control how roles are granted access to resources and privilages.

Still Lost?

These terms and concepts become easier to understand when translated into plain english...

@acl.allow! :role => "Driver", :resource => "Car"

Translation: Allow a Driver full-access to the Car.

@acl.allow! :role => "Driver", :resource => "Car", :privilege => "Sell"

Translation: Allow a Driver to Sell the Car.

@acl.allow! :role => "Mechanic", :privilege => "Repair"

Translation: Allow a Mechanic to Repair anything.

Basic Usage Example

# ==> Require Rend ACL
require 'rend/acl'

# ==> Initialize ACL Object
@acl =

# ==> Add Roles & Resources to ACL
@acl.add! :role     => ["Passenger", "Driver", "Mechanic"],
          :resource => ["Car", "Boat", "Train"]

# ==> Declare Rules - Note: When conflicts occur the last rule always wins!

# Translation: Allow the "Driver" Role full-access to the "Car" Resource.
@acl.allow! :role => "Driver", :resource => "Car"

# Translation: Allow the "Mechanic" Role the privilege to "Repair" any Resource.
@acl.allow! :role => "Mechanic", :privilege => "Repair"

# Translation: Allow all Roles the privilege to "Look" at any Resource.
@acl.allow! :privilege => "Look"

# Translation: Deny all Roles any access to the "Train" Resource.
@acl.deny! :resource => "Train"

# ==> Querying
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Driver",    :resource => "Car")                           # TRUE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Passenger", :resource => "Car")                           # FALSE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Mechanic",  :resource => "Car")                           # FALSE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Mechanic",  :privilege => "Repair")                       # TRUE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Passenger", :privilege => "Look")                         # TRUE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Passenger", :resource => "Train")                         # FALSE
@acl.allowed?(:role => "Mechanic",  :resource => "Train", :privilege => "Repair") # FALSE


Install this gem directly using...

gem install rend-acl

... or simply include it in your project's Gemfile ...

gem 'rend-acl', '~> 0.0.5'


  • Ruby >= 1.9.2


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (with passing tests please!) (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
  6. ???
  7. Profit!


  • All ported Ruby code and associated 'Rend' gems are under a simple New-BSD License.
  • Original PHP code is licensed under Zend's New-BSD License.
    • This license can be found in ./ZEND_FRAMEWORK_LICENSE.txt


  • This project is NOT associated with, or endorsed by, Zend Technologies USA, Inc., nor any of its contributors.
  • Rend's modular design was heavily influenced by RSpec's approach.