Dynamic Image gallery for Refinery CMS

This gem is based on refinerycms-page-images gem, with this gem is simple to create a more then one gallery tab in your engines with dynamic columns.


  • refinerycms >= 1.0.8


  • Select multiple images from the image picker and insert on your engine.
  • Include dynamic fields in gallery for each engine, this is editable in each image.
  • Reordering images with a simple drag into order.


Add this line to your applications Gemfile

gem 'refinerycms-image-gallery', "~> 0.1.3"


bundle install


Creating new gallery for your engine:

rails g refinerycms_image_gallery singular_engine_name:gallery_name attribute:type

For example, if you wanna create new gallery called Top for Post engine:

rails g refinerycms_image_gallery post:top caption:string photographer:string

This generate a new tab Top Gallery in Posts engine.

But if you wanna generate a new gallery for a engine that already have a gallery, only do this:

rails g refinerycms_image_gallery post:bottom

This generate a new tab Bottom gallery in Posts engine with the same attributes.

Note: When you run this line, automaticly generate models, views and run a migrate with relationship between engine and images.


  • Implement refinery Modules in generator