Refinery is a distributed processing framework written in the Ruby programming language. It is designed to work with Amazon's Web Services such as SQS and S3 to distribute image and data processing across multiple severs to alleviate the need for heavy-duty data and image processing on web application servers.

Interprocess messaging is accomplished through a distributed queue system such as Amazon SQS and data storage is accomplished through a distributed data store such as Amazon's S3.

Required Libraries

  • RightScale AWS

  • JSON

  • Moneta

Optional Libraries

If you want to run the monitor then you'll need to install Sequel and have SQLite3 installed.

If you want to run the stats server to view operational statistics about Refinery then you'll need to install Sequel, SQLite3 and Ramaze.


Refinery have several executable scripts that are used to launch the various components:


This command executes the refinery execution server. This is where jobs are run.

Example: bin/refinery -c config/config.yml


This command executes all publishers that fire on a regular basis.

Example: bin/epub -c config/config.yml


This command executes a single publisher once.

Example: bin/pubnow -c config/config.yml sample


This command is used to run the monitor system. The monitor system tracks the health of the refinery. The monitor should only be run on a single host.