Redmine installer

Easy way hot to install/upgrade Redmine, EasyRedmine or EasyProject.

Please do not run installer on background. It may happen that process will be paused by some event. For example database may require enter password during backuping database.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'redmine-installer'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install redmine-installer


To display global documentation for installer.

redmine help

You can also check more detailed documentation for each command.

redmine help [COMMAND]


Create new project on empty directory. All argument are optional. Directory should be empty because installer delete all content for ensuring correct installation. If directory does not exist, current user must have privileges to create it.

redmine help install
redmine install [PACKAGE PATH or URL] [REDMINE_ROOT] [options]
--bundle-options OPTIONS   Options for bundle install
--silent                   Less verbose installation


Install Redmine. Installer will ask for every required parameters.

  • redmine install

Install Redmine from internet

  • redmine install https://server.tld/ /srv/redmine

Install Redmine from package into /srv/redmine folder.

  • redmine install /srv/redmine

Install Redmine without rmgaick dependencies.

  • redmine install /srv/redmine --bundle-options "--without rmagick"


Upgrade existing project with new package. Full and correct upgrading is ensured by these steps:

  1. project is build on temporary directory
  2. previous root is deleted
  3. projects is moved to target location

Since current root is deleted you should use option --keep if you want preserved some files.

redmine help upgrade
redmine upgrade [PACKAGE PATH or URL] [REDMINE_ROOT] [options]
--bundle-options OPTIONS   Options for bundle install
--silent                   Less verbose upgrading
--profile PROFILE_ID       Using saved profile
--keep PATH(s)             Keep selected files or directories


Upgrade Redmine located on /srv/redmine with package

  • redmine upgrade /srv/redmine

Upgrade Redmine from internet

  • redmine upgrade https://server.tld/ /srv/redmine

Upgrade Redmine and keep directory.

  • redmine upgrade /srv/redmine --keep directory_i_want_keep

Once you've saved profile you can use previouse "answer" again.

  • redmine upgrade /srv/redmine --profile 1


Backup existing project. You can backup full redmine with database or just database.

redmine help backup
redmine backup [REDMINE_ROOT]


Backup project located in /srv/redmine

  • redmine upgrade /srv/redmine

Restoring database

Restore database dump to redmine.

redmine help restore-db
redmine restore-db DATABASE_DUMP [REDMINE_ROOT] [options]


Restore database db.dump for redmine in /srv/redmine

  • redmine restore-db db.dump /srv/redmine