Ruby Benchmark

rbm is a command line tool for doing quick benchmarks of ruby code.


gem install rbm


git clone
cd rbm && rake install


Using rbm is quite simple. Just pass in each code fragment you want to test as a separate argument.

rbm "sleep 1" "sleep 5"

You can specify the number of times to loop. You can also provide a code fragment to be run before each time each code fragment is run.

rbm --times 100 "sleep 0.01"
rbm --prerun "n = 5" "sleep n"

You may provide a name to each code fragment to be displayed on the benchmark.

rbm --name "sleep for 5" "sleep 5" --name "sleep for 2" "sleep 2"

You can see the full usage statement at any time with rbm --help

Usage: rbm [options] [--name name] code [[-N name] code...]

Ruby Options:
    -r, --require file[,file]        Files to require before benchmarking
    -I, --load-path path[,path]      Paths to append to $LOAD_PATH

Benchmark Options:
    -n, --times N                    Number of times to run each code fragment
    -p, --pre code                   Code to run before each code fragment to be benchmarked
    -N, --name name                  Names the following code fragment

General Options:
    -h, --help                       Show this message