This gem updates RbConfig::CONFIG information.

How to use

Update rbconfig.rb file itself

Once you update the file, you don't have to keep this gem installed.

  • Run ruby bin/update-rbconfig.rb --standard

You may need to prefix by sudo, to modify the system-wide rbconfig.rb file.

  • Or run ruby bin/update-rbconfig.rb /path/to/rbconfig.rb

You can modify arbitrary rbconfig.rb script files other than the standard path.

Update the content on the fly

If you don't want to, or can't, modify the standard file, load rbconfig/update by:

  • Add require 'rbconfig/update' to your source.
  • Or add -rrbconfig/update to RUBYOPT environment variable.

What will be chaned

To be added

  • LIBRUBY_SONAME soname of ruby shared library
  • SOEXT shared library file suffix

To be updated

  • LIBRUBY_SO to use $(SOEXT)