Raygun Application Performance Monitoring

Ruby Profiler for Raygun Application Performance Monitoring.

Distributed as a precompiled native gem.

Supported platforms

  • x86-mingw32

  • x64-mingw32

  • x86-linux

  • x86_64-linux

  • universal-darwin

Contact us to support other platforms.

Supported Ruby versions

The profiler only supports CRuby, also known as Matz’s Ruby Interpreter (MRI).

  • 2.5.x

  • 2.6.x

  • 2.7.x

  • 3.0.x

Contact us to support other Ruby versions.

Agent Setup

The Profiler needs to be able to access the Raygun Agent over UDP.

Dockerized Agent

The Dockerized Agent is supported on all Ruby profiler platforms. We recommend this deployment model if your production infrastructure already depends on Docker.

Also a great way to explore on your Mac.

The RAYGUN_AGENT_TOKEN needs to be supplied as an argument and is available under “Application Settings” within the Raygun Application Performance Monitoring UI

To launch Raygun Agent using docker

docker pull raygunowner/raygun-apm
docker run -v raygun-agent:/usr/share/Raygun -e "RAYGUN_AGENT_TOKEN=<token>" -p 2790:2790 -p 2788:2788 -p 2799:2799/udp -it raygunowner/raygun-apm:latest

Linux Agent

The Linux version can be installed either using systemd or via terminal

Windows Agent

On windows the agent can be installed either via MSI installer or on .NET core

Ruby on Rails

For Rails support see documentation of the railgun-apm-rails gem.

Profiler Setup

Include the gem in your Gemfile

gem 'raygun-apm'

Run bundle to install the gem.

Alternatively install using rubygems gem install raygun-apm.

Profiler configration

Multiple applications, one Agent

Set the ‘PROTON_API_KEY` environment variable to your API key, which is available under “Application Settings” within the Raygun Application Performance Monitoring UI.

Standalone ruby script / custom framework

For standalone scripts, context start-end needs to be marked specifically and optionally extended events can be called.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'raygun/apm'

class Hello
  def rdoc
    sleep 0.5

tracer = Raygun::Apm::Tracer.new

Extended events can be sent where appropiate

HTTP incoming event

event = Raygun::Apm::Event::HttpIn.new
event[:pid] = Process.pid
event[:tid] = 0
event[:timestamp] = tracer.now
event[:url] = 'https://google.com/'
event[:verb] = 'GET'
event[:status] = 200
event[:duration] = 1000  

SQL query

event = Raygun::Apm::Event::Sql.new
event[:pid] = Process.pid
event[:tid] = 0
event[:timestamp] = tracer.now
event[:provider] = 'postgres'
event[:host] = 'localhost'
event[:database] = 'rails'
event[:query] = 'SELECT * from FOO;'
event[:duration] = 1000