This is a collection of useful Rake tasks for Rails.


Add this line to your Gemfile to install it with Bundler:

# Rake tasks for Rails
gem "rateaux"

Then type bundle install in a terminal.

Rake Tasks


Delete all data from the current database.

$ rake db:truncate

Drop tables

Delete all data and tables from the current database. This is similar to db:drop but it does not drop the database itself.

$ rake db:drop_tables

Encoding headers

Add the # encoding: UTF-8 header to all ruby files in the project. Useful before Ruby 2.

$ rake encoding_headers


Remove migrations then checkout a git branch.

$ rake checkout new_branch_name

This will:

  1. Roll back any migrations on your current branch which do not exist on the other branch
  2. Discard any changes to the db/schema.rb file
  3. Check out the other branch
  4. Run any new migrations existing in the other branch
  5. Update your test database

Cache clear

Empty the cache store.

$ rake cache_clear

Assets Copy Non Digested

Copy assets files with a digest (for example application-d45e…565.css) to their non-digested form (for example application.css).

$ rake assets:copy_non_digested

View DB schema

View the database structure

$ rake db:schema:view