Wink (for Rails)


We got tired of asking people to send us their browser information, screen size, and plugins… so we made it easier for everybody.
Wink grabs a snapshot of the current browser and sends it away.

Please fork and make it better!

This was originally implemented for PHP by Denim & Steel:


Add gem 'rails_wink' to your Gemfile.

Generate the wink.yml configuration file with rails g rails_wink:config.
Edit the values to point to your support/bug tracking email address.

Mount the engine in your Rails application’s config/routes.rb, like this:

```ruby Rails.application.routes.draw do

# Mount the engine at /wink mount RailsWink::Engine => ‘/wink’, :as => ‘wink’

end ```

Run your application, and visit /wink.

You can now do cool things like link_to 'Report a Bug', wink.root_url in your application’s views.


MIT License
Copyright (C) 2012 Darryl Pogue