This plugin enables easy logging from any Ruby application to our webservice.

For other languages checkout:

  • http://www.github.com/justlogging/php_logger
  • http://www.github.com/justlogging/python_logger


Just install it as a plugin:

  $ ./script/plugin install git://github.com/justlogging/rails_logger.git
  $ ./script/generate justlogging

Or install it as a gem:

Add this to your enviroment.rb

      config.gem "justlogging-rails_logger", :lib => 'justlogging'
and run

      rake gems:install
      script/generate justlogging

The generator copies a file called justlogging.rb to the RAILS_ROOT/config/initializer directory. You need to set you api key there and optionally your default log key.


Justlogging.log('this is my first entry')

Easy as pie.

Copyright © 2009 Justlogging, released under the MIT license