Integrate Ajax capabilities to Rails websites with history, bookmarking, partial refreshes, Rails flashes, user callbacks, scripts execution, redirections.

Rails-Ajax is a Rails plugin that turns a static Rails website into an optimized one using Ajax, without altering the user experience and with minimal code changes.

Where is the documentation ?

Complete documentation can be found at rails-ajax.sourceforge.net

Basic install

rails-ajax is packaged as a Ruby gem. You can install it using RubyGems:

gem install rails-ajax

Basic usage

Generate configuration files

Once installed, some configuration files need to be generated:

rake rails-ajax:install

Edit configuration files

Edit the generated config files to your taste. Most importantly, identify the container that should be refreshed by Ajax calls, and set it in config/initializers/rails-ajax-config.rb:

main_container 'div#Content'

Include Javascript files

Include rails-ajax Javascript files in your asset pipeline (app/assets/javascripts/application.js):

// RailsAjax

//= require jquery.history

//= require jquery.rails-ajax

//= require RailsAjax-Config

It already works

Just restart your Rails server and your application should be working using Ajax calls to refresh just your main site container, with history, redirects, forms… working exactly the same way they did before.

For more advanced features, see the complete documentation.

Who contributed to it ?

Check the AUTHORS file.

What is the license ?

You can find out in the LICENSE file.