Radiant Shop

There isn't any store software out there which allows you to manage both the content and the design of products in a similar way that you would a page or blog post.

I believe this is a problem, most simple online Stores should try to be a website before they try to be an advanced application.

Radiant Shop doesn't require you to write server side code to build a store.

Instead you will use Radius tags, html, and css to build a custom store experience.

You're not limited to one design per category, or even per product. Nor are you forced into following a specific checkout process, or to use a certain Gateway.

An online store is just a website

Need Help?

The Wiki is the best source of information about the entire project.

It's in its infancy, and your help is greatly appreciated. You can reach me via

I don't use email to manage my extension development work.


Install RadiantShop Gem

gem install radiant-shop-extension
# This will install Radiant and the Gems RadiantShop requires

Create a Radiant project

radiant myshop --database sqlite3
cd myshop

Edit your Gemfile

source :gemcutter
gem 'radiant',                '0.9.1'
gem 'radiant-shop-extension', :require => false

Add to your config/environment.rb

config.gem 'radiant-scoped-extension',    :lib => false
config.gem 'radiant-images-extension',    :lib => false
config.gem 'radiant-forms-extension',     :lib => false
config.gem 'radiant-drag-extension',      :lib => false
config.gem 'radiant-shop-extension',      :lib => false

Bootstrap Radiant (answer questions, I suggest an empty template)

rake db:bootstrap

Migrate shop

rake radiant:extensions:update_all
rake radiant:extensions:shop:migrate

Seed shop (optional, will help you get on your way)

rake radiant:extensions:shop:seed


Copyright 2010 Dirk Kelly [email protected] @dirkkelly and licenced under MIT.

See LICENCE for further information.