Run Rake tasks from config.ru


rack-rakeup adds a rake method to Rack's Builder DSL, allowing you to execute Rake tasks when configuring your Rack application, which helps to keep your code DRY.


require 'rack-rakeup'
rake :task_name, 'another_task'


I found that a lot of the configuration steps I was using in my Rakefile were essentially duplicated from my project's config.ru. I decided to take the DRY route of having all my configuration steps as Rake tasks, and needed a solution to easily run those tasks from my config.ru

Known Defects

I am currently not aware of any defects.


This has been tests with rack 1.5.2 and rake 10.0.4 (the newest versions at the time of this writing). I suspect that it will work with older versions, as well, and I'd be glad to update the dependencies if notified of other working versions.


I'm not sure how much more I want to do with this. It could be nice to allow tasks to be defined easily from within the Rack configuration, but I'm not really sure of the utility. I'm open to ideas, though, so please let me know if you think of something you'd like to see.