Rack::HTTPLogger is Rack middleware that provides a logging endpoint for your application. HTTP request parameters are automatically formatted according to l2met and logged to a specified stream, such as STDOUT.

This is designed for anyone using Heroku, which uses Logplex to aggregate messages for further monitoring and analytics. With Rack::HTTPLogger remote events such as mobile device registrations can be collected and processed into your common log stream.


$ gem install rack-http-logger


  • stream: Stream to which lines are logged. Defaults to $stdout.
  • sync: Print log lines to stream synchronously (not recommended for applications with high throughput). Defaults to true
  • method: Matched HTTP Method. Defaults to LOG
  • path: Matched URL path. Defaults to /
  • source: Source attribute in log line. Defaults to rack-http-logger


Rack::HTTPLogger can be run as Rack middleware.


require 'rack/http-logger'

use Rack::HTTPLogger


Mattt Thompson


Rack::HTTPLogger is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.