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Add rate limit headers for Rack::Attack throttles.


Install the gem:

gem install 'rack-attack-rate-limit'

In your gemfile:

gem 'rack-attack-rate-limit', require: 'rack/attack/rate-limit'

And then execute:



Rack::Attack::RateLimit expects at least one Rack::Attack throttle to be defined:

Rack::Attack.throttle('my_throttle') do |req|

To include rate limit headers for throttles, include the Rack::Attack::RateLimit middleware, and provide it with the names of the throttles you want to add rate limit headers for. A single throttle name can be provided as a string, while multiple throttle names must be provided as an array of strings.

For Rails 3+:

config.middleware.use Rack::Attack::RateLimit, throttle: ['my_throttle', 'my_other_throttle']

Rate limit headers are:

  • 'X-RateLimit-Limit' - The total number of requests allowed.
  • 'X-RateLimit-Remaining' - The number of remaining requests.

If a request triggers multiple throttles, the gem will add headers for the throttle with the lowest number of remaining requests.


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