RAAKT - The Ruby Accessibility Analysis Kit

Copyright © 2006, Peter Krantz (www.peterkrantz.com) All rights reserved.

License: See LICENSE file.

RAAKT is a toolkit to find accessibility issues in HTML documents. RAAKT can be used as part of a an automatic test procedure or as a standalone module for mass validation of all pages in a site. RAAKT is based on PAAKT the Python Accessibility Analysis Kit.

The following checks are done:

check_document_structure check_tables check_for_formatting_elements check_has_heading check_form check_link_text check_title check_frames check_images check_refresh check_for_nested_tables check_for_language_info

RAAKT output is in the form of an array of error message objects. An error message object has an id which can be used to find out more about the specific error.

To run unit tests for raakt, see the raakt_test.rb file in the tests folder. Some of the tests access remote documents over the internet. To include remote tests, run the test suite with the “includeremote” parameter:

> ruby raakt_test.rb includeremote


Patch to use hpricot by Derek Perrault.


For more information about RAAKT, please contact peter dot krantz at gmail dot com or see peterkrantz.com/projects/raakt

To use RAAKT as a command line tool (see acctest.rb in the examples dir of the installed gem):

# This is a sample command line script that uses the raakt gem to test a html document. require 'rubygems' require 'net/http' require 'uri' require 'raakt'

#Parse command line url argument url = ARGV || “”

if url.length == 0 puts “nRuby Accessibility Analysis Kitnn Usage: raakt <url>n Example: raakt www.rubylang.org/en” return else #Clean the url and make sure protocol and trailing slash is available url = “http://” + url unless url == “http” end

#Get html for the url specified (does not follow redirects) puts “Fetching #url…n” uri = URI.parse(url) res = Net::HTTP.start(uri.host, uri.port) {|http| http.get(uri.path) }

# Set up the RAAKT test raakttest = Raakt::Test.new(res.body)

#Run all checks and print result to the console result = raakttest.all

if result.length > 0 puts “Accessibility problems detected:” puts result else puts “No measurable accessibility problems were detected.” end