Qwandry, a questionable tool

Why spend time trying to remember where libraries, projects, and packages are lurking when your computer can do it faster?

qw matrix        # opens ruby's matrix class in your editor
qw rails         # will ask you which version of rails you want to open
qw activerec 3.1 # will find the gem activerecord 3.1 and open it

You can also use Qwandry with other common languages:

qw -r python numpy # opens python's numpy library
qw -r perl URI     # open perl's URI library
qw -r node express # open express if it is installed for node


Qwandry is a standard ruby gem, on any system with ruby installed already simply install with:

gem install qwandry


Just type qw and the first few letters of what you're looking for. By default Qwandry is set up for locating and editing ruby libraries.

qw date # opens ruby's date library

Want to use Qwandry with Python, Perl, or other languages?

qw --customize 

Editor Selection

Qwandry uses environment variables to launch your configured editor. The following env variables are checked, in this order. The first value found is used.


Setting QWANDRY_EDITOR allows you to specify an editor to be used with Qwandry only.


Adam Sanderson, [email protected]

Issues and Source: https://github.com/adamsanderson/qwandry