qk/quik - ruby quick starter template script wizard .:. the missing code generator


The quick gem includes a command line tool that lets you run quick starter template scripts. Try:

$ quik --help      # or
$ qk -h

Resulting in:

    qk/quik - ruby quick starter template script wizard .:. the missing code generator

    quik [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


    --help            - Show this message
    --test, --dry_run - (Debug) Dry run; run script in simulation for testing
    --verbose         - (Debug) Show debug messages
    --version         - Display the program version

    list, ls, l - List ruby quick starter scripts
    new, n      - Run ruby quick starter script

    help        - Shows a list of commands or help for one command
    test        - (Debug) Test command suite


List WizardsNew Wizard

List Wizards Command - list, ls, l


$ quik list    # or
$ quik ls      # or
$ quik l       # or
$ qk l

Resulting in:

  1..gem        .:.  Gem Quick Starter Template
  2..gem-hoe    .:.  Gem Quick Starter Template (Hoe Classic Edition)
  3..sinatra    .:.  Sinatra Quick Starter Template

New Wizard Command - new, n

To run a quick starter template wizard script to download and install (unzip/unpack) a template archive and configure the code ready-to-use. Try:

$ quik new gem    # or
$ quik n gem      # or
$ qk n gem

This will download the quik.rb wizard script from the gem starter template repo and run through all steps e.g.:

Welcome, to the gem quick starter script.

Q: What's your gem's name? [hola]:   hello
Q: What's your gem's module? [Hola]: Hello

Thanks! Ready-to-go. Stand back.

  Downloading Gem Starter Template...
  Setting up Gem Starter Template...

That's it. Now the gem starter code is ready in the hello folder.

More Quick Starter Wizard Scripts

For more ruby quick starter scripts, see the Scripts catalog / directory.

For static website (e.g. jekyll) quick starter scripts, see the Mr. Hyde's Scripts catalog / directory.


Just install the gem:

$ gem install quik


The quik scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the ruby-talk mailing list. Thanks!