Queue Classic Admin

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An admin interface for the queue_classic and queue_classic-later gems.

IMPORTANT: this branch is for QueueClassic 3. See the queueclassic-2-support branch for prior version support.

qc admin


  • Support for queue_classic-later
  • Support for custom columns
  • Delete entire queues
  • Delete jobs
  • Search


Copy and run the migrations

rake queue_classic_admin:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

Mount in your rails app config/routes.rb file

mount QueueClassicAdmin::Engine => "/queue_classic_admin"

Add the following asset dependencies to your Gemfile

gem "twitter-bootstrap-rails"
gem "jquery-rails"


Custom searchable fields

QueueClassicJob.searchable_columns << :my_custom_fields

Custom job action

QueueClassicAdmin.add_custom_action "Retry" do |job|
  job.q_name = "low"

Custom action on matching jobs

QueueClassicAdmin.add_bulk_custom_action "Retry" do |jobs|
  jobs.update_all(q_name: "low")


git clone [email protected]:rainforestapp/queue_classic_admin.git

You can develop with POW by configuring it like so:

ln -s $PWD/spec/dummy ~/.pow/qc-admin
(cd spec/dummy && bundle exec rake db:create:all db:migrate)
# Run the engine's migration.
bundle exec rake db:migrate
(cd spec/dummy && bundle exec rake db:schema:dump)

ln -s $PWD/spec/dummy-no-later ~/.pow/qc-admin-no-later
(cd spec/dummy-no-later && bundle exec rake db:create:all db:migrate)

Then go to http://qc-admin.dev/.