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Quarantine provides a run-time solution to diagnosing and disabling flaky tests and automates the workflow around test suite maintenance.

The quarantine gem supports testing frameworks:

The quarantine gem supports CI pipelines:

If you are interested in using quarantine but it does not support your CI or testing framework, feel free to reach out or create an issue and we can try to make it happen.


Flaky tests impact engineering velocity, reduce faith in test reliablity and give a false representation of code coverage. Managing flaky tests is a clunky process that involves constant build monitorization, difficult diagnosis and manual ticket creation. As a result, here at Flexport, we have created a Gem to automate the entire process to help improve the workflow and keep our massive test suites in pristine condition.

The workflow at Flexport involves:

ideal workflow

Installation and Setup

Add these lines to your application's Gemfile:

group :test do
  gem 'quarantine'
  gem 'rspec-retry

And then execute:

bundle install

In your spec_helper.rb setup quarantine and rspec-retry gem. Click rspec-retry to get a more detailed explaination on rspec-retry configurations and how to setup.

require 'quarantine'
require 'rspec-retry'

Quarantine.bind({database: :dynamodb, aws_region: 'us-west-1'})

RSpec.configure do |config|

  config.around(:each) do |ex|
    ex.run_with_retry(retry: 3)


Consider wrapping Quarantine.bind in if statements so local flaky tests don't pollute the list of quarantined tests

if ENV[CI] && ENV[BRANCH] == "master"
  Quarantine.bind({database: :dynamodb, aws_region: 'us-west-1'})

Setup tables in AWS DynamoDB to support pulling and uploading quarantined tests

bundle exec quarantine_dynamodb -h    # see all options

bundle exec quarantine_dynamodb \     # create the tables in us-west-1 in aws dynamodb
  --aws_region us-west-1              # with "quarantine_list" and "master_failed_tests"
                                      # table names

You are all set to start quarantining tests!

Try Quarantining Tests Locally

Add a test that will flake

require "spec_helper"

describe Quarantine do
  it "this test should flake 33% of the time" do
    Random.rand(3).to eq(3)

Run rspec on the test

CI=1 BRANCH=master rspec <filename>

If the test fails and passes on the test run (rspec-retry re-ran the test), the test should be quarantined and uploaded to DynamoDB. Check the quarantine_list table in DynamoDB.


Go to spec/spec_helper.rb and set configuration variables through:

RSpec.configure do |config|
    config.VAR_NAME = VALUE
  • Table name for quarantined tests :quarantine_list_table, default: "quarantine_list"

  • Table name where failed test are uploaded :quarantine_failed_tests_table, default: "master_failed_tests"

  • Quarantined tests are not skipped automatically :skip_quarantined_tests, default: true

  • Recording failed tests :quarantine_record_failed_tests, default: true

  • Recording flaky tests :quarantine_record_flaky_tests, default: true

  • Outputting quarantined gem info :quarantine_logging, default: true

Setup Jira Workflow

To automatically create Jira tickets, take a look at: examples/create_tickets.rb

To automatically unquarantine tests on Jira ticket completion, take a look at: examples/unquarantine.rb


  1. Create an issue regarding a bug fix or feature request
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Create your feature branch, commit changes and create a pull request


- Ankur Dahiya


Why are quarantined tests not being skipped locally?

The quarantine gem may be configured to only run on certain environments. Make sure you pass all these ENV variables to rspec when you call it locally

CI="1" BRANCH="master" rspec

Why is dynamodb failing to connect?

The AWS client loads credentials from the following locations:

  • Aws.config[:credentials]
  • The shared credentials ini file at ~/.aws/credentials

To get AWS credentials, please contact your AWS administrator to get access to dynamodb and create your credentials through IAM.

More detailed information can be found: AWS documentation

Why is example.clear_exception failing locally?

example.clear_exception is an attribute added through rspec_retry. Make sure rspec-retry has been installed and configured.