Quality Measure Engine

This project is a library designed to calculate clinical quality measures over a given population. Quality measures are described via JSON and provide the details on what information is needed from a patient record to calculate a quality measure. The logic of the measure is described in JavaScript using the MapReduce algorithmic framework.

Calculating Quality Measures

Results of quality measures are represented by QME::QualityReport. This class provides ways to determine if a report has been calculated for a population in the database as well as ways to create jobs to run the calculations.


This project currently uses Ruby 2.1.X and is built using Bundler. To get all of the dependencies for the project, first install bundler:

gem install bundler

Then run bundler to grab all of the necessary gems:

bundle install

The Quality Measure engine relies on a MongoDB MongoDB running a minimum of version 2.6.* or higher. To get and install Mongo refer to:



This project uses minitest for testing. To run the suite, just enter the following:

bundle exec rake test

The coverage of the test suite is monitored with simplecov. You can see the code coverage by looking in the coverage directory after running the test suite

Project Practices

Please try to follow the GitHub Coding Style Guides. Additionally, we are switching to the git workflow described in Juan Batiz-Benet's Gist. If you are new to the project and would like to make changes, please fork and do your work in a feature branch. Submit a pull request and we'll check to see if it is suitable to be merged in.


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