This Rails engine provides a number of services that can be added to a Rails application:

  1. MDS Uploads - Exposes a web services to handle automated uploads.
  2. MDS Push - Registration of an MDS Push web service
  3. MDS Pull - Support for a variety of sources from which MDS files can be pulled. (SFTP, SLTC).
  4. SLTC Registration/Management
  5. HL7 Message receipt

Most of the services can be easily augmented to support additional data sources.

Have fun.


There are approximately 267 unit tests available for this engine. To set up and run the tests:

1. cd <parent_path>/services
2. rake db:create
3. rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test
4. rake app:db:static RAILS_ENV=test # Loads the isc_code tables.
5. rspec spec