PushType is a modern content management system for Ruby on Rails. It takes advantage of powerful new features available in the latest versions of Rails and PostgreSQL, delivering a fantastically flexible toolset for developers working on any kind of website.


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Try PushType on Heroku

A demo PushType app can be deployed to Heroku for free.


Refer to the demo repository for details of how to log in and how the demo site is structured.

Documentation and community

PushType can be used in production projects now (we’ve been using it on client sites since the beginning of 2015). So give it a go - get started by finding out how to install PushType and understanding the key concepts.

Central to the PushType mission is an active and healthy developer community. Help us to find bugs, identify the pain points and suggest features that will make PushType work better for you. Join the PushType community and find out how you can help.


PushType takes advantage of modern features of PostgreSQL, which in turn requires a recent version of Rails.

Dependencies Browsers (admin UI)
Rails 4.2+ IE9 or above
PostgreSQL 9.4 Any other decent browser


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PushType is 100% free and open source, and we're working hard to establish an active and healthy community of individuals contributing to it's development. If you'd like to help give the Rails world the CMS it's been waiting for, find out more:

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