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A puppet-lint plugin to check the ensure attribute on file resources.


From the command line

$ gem install puppet-lint-file_ensure-check

In a Gemfile

gem 'puppet-lint-file_ensure-check', :require => false


Ensure present on file resource

The present value for the ensure attribute is ambiguous. You should use file instead.

What you have done

file { '/etc/sudoers':
  ensure => present,

What you should have done

file { '/etc/sudoers':
  ensure => file,

Disabling the check

To disable this check, you can add --no-file_ensure-check to your puppet-lint command line.

$ puppet-lint --no-file_ensure-check path/to/file.pp

Alternatively, if you’re calling puppet-lint via the Rake task, you should insert the following line to your Rakefile.


Transfer Notice

This plugin was originally authored by Camptocamp. The maintainer preferred that Puppet Community take ownership of the module for future improvement and maintenance. Existing pull requests and issues were transferred over, please fork and continue to contribute here instead of Camptocamp.

Previously: https://github.com/camptocamp/puppet-lint-file_ensure-check