Class: Pry::Prompt

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   "default" => {
     value: Pry::DEFAULT_PROMPT,
     description: "The default Pry prompt. Includes information about the\n" \
                  "current expression number, evaluation context, and nesting\n" \
                  "level, plus a reminder that you're using Pry."

   "simple" => {
     value: Pry::SIMPLE_PROMPT,
     description: "A simple '>>'."

   "nav" => {
     value: Pry::NAV_PROMPT,
     description: "A prompt that displays the binding stack as a path and\n" \
                  "includes information about _in_ and _out_."

   "none" => {
     value: Pry::NO_PROMPT,
     description: "Wave goodbye to the Pry prompt."