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Pry Theme is a plugin for Pry, which helps you to customise your Pry colors via prytheme.rb files.

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All you need is to install the gem. The pry-theme plugin will be detected and used automatically.

gem install pry-theme


Theme files

Theme file is nothing but a Ruby file, which has .prytheme.rb extension (for example, beautiful.prytheme.rb). In order to set up the desired theme, add the following line to your .pryrc:

Pry.config.theme = "theme-name"

The default theme is pry-classic (basically, you shouldn't notice it, because it resembles the default outlook of Pry, as though you didn't install anything). Let's change it to something more neoteric:

Pry.config.theme = "pry-modern"

That's all! Launch your Pry and you will see the changes.


Pry Theme has a command-line interface available via Pry. Just launch Pry and start working with it. For example, you can temporary change themes on the fly (only for the current session):

[1] pry(main)> pry-theme try pry-classic

This subcommand would switch your current theme to pry-classic theme.

You can find more information about CLI in Pry Theme Wiki.

Managing themes

Creating new themes isn't hard. Check out Pry Theme Wiki article on that.

Theme files must have .prytheme.rb extension. Check out Pry Theme Collection if you want to find some themes other than default ones.

If you already have your theme stored somewhere on disk, just put it in the $HOME/.pry/themes directory.

If you don't want to bother with routine operations, you can install a theme from the Collection with help of pry-theme install <name> subcommand. For example, you can want to install xoria256 theme. Just execute pry-theme install xoria256 and you're done.

Oh, and don't forget to adjust your .pryrc!


No limitations. Pry Theme will run everywhere where you can launch Pry.


  • Thanks to banister for bringing the plugin in masses and contributing a bunch of themes;
  • Thanks to Karandashev for "Puzzle" font;
  • Thanks to Creatica for "Dited" font;
  • Thanks to noprompt for a HEX to ANSI conversion Ruby implementation, which I borrowed from one of his projects.


The project uses Zlib License. See LICENSE file for more information.