Ease refactoring and exploration by attaching notes to methods and classes in Pry

NOTE: This only works on Pry HEAD currently (v0.9.11+)

[1] pry(main)> note -h
    -m, --message      Provide the note inline (without opening an editor).

    -v, --verbose      Show all notes together with source code.

    -v, --verbose      List all notes and content with source code.

        --all      Delete all notes.

    -m, --message      Update the note inline (without opening an editor).

  Other options
Usage: note [OPTIONS]
Add notes to classes and methods.

e.g note add Pry#repl -m "this is my note" #=> add a note without opening editor
e.g note add Pry#repl   #=> add a note (with editor) to Pry#repl method
e.g note delete Pry#repl:1 #=> delete the 1st note from Pry#repl
e.g note delete Pry#repl   #=> delete all notes from Pry#repl
e.g note list            #=> list all notes

    -h, --help      Show this message.

See the following showterm for an example session: