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Pronto runs analysis quickly by checking only the relevant changes. Created to be used on pull requests, but suited for other scenarios as well. Perfect if you want to find out quickly if branch introduces changes that conform to your styleguide, are DRY, don't introduce security holes and more.

Pronto demo


Pull Requests

You can run Pronto as part of your builds and then get results as comments using GithubFormatter.

Add Pronto runners you want to use to your Gemfile:

  gem 'pronto-rubocop'

or gemspec file:

  s.add_development_dependency 'pronto-rubocop'

Set environment variable GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN to OAuth token that has access to repository. Then set it up to run using the included rake task or manually:

  Pronto.gem_names.each { |gem_name| require "pronto/#{gem_name}" }

  formatter ='origin/master', '.', formatter)

Local Changes

You can run Pronto locally. First, install Pronto and runners you want to use:

  gem install pronto
  gem install pronto-rubocop

Then navigate to repository you want run Pronto on, and:

  git checkout feature/branch
  pronto run # Pronto runs against master by default

Run pronto in your terminal without any arguments to see what more Pronto is capable off.


Pronto can run various tools and libraries, as long as there's a runner for it. Currently available runners: