Pronto runner for Golang

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Pronto runner for Golang tools


Tool Install
go vet -
golint go get -u
gosec See Install instructions
staticcheck go get -u
golangci-lint go get -u

Configuring tools

In order to configure certain tools for execution it is possible to provide a .golangtools.yml file in the directory of execution, any parent directory or $HOME.

It looks as follows:

  <tool base command>:
    enabled: true
    parameters: '-v'
    blacklisted_files: '.*\/vendor\/.*'

If a tool is not listed here, it will automatically be enabled. In order to specifically disable a tool, it has to be listed and enabled has to be set to false. If either of the keys is not provided the default will be assumed. It is possible to pass specific parameters to the tool, which is executed with <tool> <parameters> <file_path>. If is also possible to skip handling specific files by providing a pattern in blacklisted_files, e.g. '.*\/vendor\/.*' to ignore vendor. It will check every file by default.

Implementing additional tools

It is possible to add additional tools by adding a new class in the Pronto::GolangTools namespace.

It is expected that it reponds to the following methods:

Method Description
initialize Configuration hash from the .golangtools.yml config
 command(file_path) Executes the command and receives the file_path to allow checking only the current file
 self.base_command Returns the name/basic command that will be invoked. Is also used for enabling and disabling it via .golangtools.yml
 available? Returns true if the tool can be found, e.g. through which #{base_command}
parse_line(line) Receives the line returned from the tool for parsing. Returns absolute_path, line_number, level, message text

It is possible to inherit from Pronto::GolangTools::Base, in which case only self.base_command and parse_line need to be implemented.