Generate a Rails 3 app with the application templates Quick Left uses to start their projects off right!

What you get

Prologue provides a set of templates to generate Rails 3 applications. Everything is configured and ready to rock your next Rails 3 project. We hope it saves you a mess of time!

  • Default: A base Rails 3 application with Devise and Cancan for authentication and authorization. Roles are stored in the database with a HABTM relationship between the role and user models. You also get a basic admin to manage users. Prologue also rolls in all of the things we like to have setup in our apps like: haml, sass, jquery, cucumber, capybara, mocha, factory_girl, rspec, timecop, autotest, evergreen, jasmine, will_paginate, friendly_id and hoptoad_notifier.

    prologue new my_app
    prologue new my_app default
  • Async: A Rails 3 application with the basic setup complete for running fully async on the Thin web server. Included gems are thin, rack-fiber_pool, mysql2, and rspec.

    prologue new my_app async

Quick Start

gem install prologue

prologue new my_app

Options ( in default template )

prologue new my_app --no-auth

prologue new my_app --no-roles

prologue new my_app --no-admin

Testing generated default app

rake spec
rake cucumber
rake spec:javascripts
bundle exec autotest


Please report issues to the Prologue issue tracker.


bundle install
bundle exec cucumber

Running bundle exec cucumber will take some time. It runs the CLI tool with different option combinations and tests those outputs with aruba.

Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork it.
  • Add tests for it.
  • Make your changes.
  • Commit.
  • Send a pull request.


All of the contributors to the many awesome open source projects that make up prologue and allow us to do our job everyday. Also, thanks go out to the crew at thoughtbot for writing suspenders. It's what gave us the idea to package up our templates into a gem in the first place.

Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Collin Schaafsma & Quick Left. See LICENSE for details.