A tool to generate HTML5/CSS slideshows.

Uses DZSlides HTML template and pygments.rb for syntax highlighting.


Install the gem using:

$ gem install prezio


Prezio converts simple html files into presentations.

The HTML file should look like this:

<title>The Title Of Your Presentation</title>

<!-- One section is one slide -->
  <h1>My Presentation</h1>
  <footer>by John Doe</footer>

  <!-- Any HTML -->
  <p>Some random text</p>

  <!-- This will be highlighted -->
  <code lang="ruby">
  def greet(name)
    println "Hello, #{name}!"

Convert the template to presentation using the following command:

$ prezio convert template.html presentation.html

While you are developing the presentation, it might be useful to run prezio in preview mode:

$ prezio preview template.html