Prawn/Security: Popular Password Protection & Permissions for Prawn PDFs

Prawn/Security adds encryption, password protection, and permissions to Prawn.


See the examples/ directory and/or the RDoc for detailed info. Basically, it's as simple as the first example:

require 'prawn/security'

Prawn::Document.generate("hello_foo.pdf") do
  text "Hello, world!"
  encrypt_document :user_password => 'foo', :owner_password => 'bar',
    :permissions => { :print_document => false }

This creates a document that requires the password 'foo' to be opened, and cannot be printed without entering the owner password 'bar'.

If you want to prohibit most anyone from performing a certain activity, you can pass :owner_password => :random to generate a probably-unguessable owner password.


Brad Ediger <[email protected]>