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Prawn::Icon provides a simple mechanism for rendering icons and icon fonts from within Prawn.

The following icon fonts ship with Prawn::Icon:

Prawn::Icon was originally written by Jesse Doyle.


Prawn::Icon is distributed via RubyGems. You can install it with the following command:

gem install prawn-icon


Prawn::Icon was designed to have an API familiar to Prawn. A single icon may be rendered as such:

require 'prawn/icon'

Prawn::Document.generate('icons.pdf') do |pdf|
  pdf.icon 'fas-beer', size: 60


FontAwesome Beer

Inline Icons

You can also provide the inline_format: true option to Prawn::Icon:

require 'prawn/icon'

Prawn::Document.generate('inline_icons.pdf') do |pdf|
  pdf.icon 'Enjoy: <icon size="20" color="AAAAAA">fas-beer</icon>', inline_format: true


FontAwesome Beer Inline

When using inline_format: true, you may supply <icon> tags with color and size attributes.

Use with Prawn::Table

A table_icon method may be called when creating a table's data array to render icons within a table cell:

require 'prawn/icon'
require 'prawn/table'

Prawn::Document.generate('table_icons.pdf') do |pdf|

  data = [
    # Explicit brackets must be used here
    [pdf.table_icon('fas-birthday-cake'), 'Cake'],
    ['is', 'Great!']

  pdf.table(data) # => (2 x 2 table)

Note that the table_icon method supports the inline_format: true option to create multiple icons within a cell.

Specifying Icon Families

Prawn::Icon uses the prefix of an icon key to determine which font family is used to render a particular icon.

Currently supported prefixes include:

How It Works

Prawn::Icon uses a "legend" to map icon keys to unicode characters that respresent a particular icon within the font file.

This legend is a standard .yml file located within the font's directory.

If you wish to fork this repository and add a new font, you'll likely need to supply a corresponding legend file. Please see the current legend files within the data/fonts directory for examples.


A Rake task is included to generate documents that display each icon and it's corresponding icon key.

The command:

rake legend

should generate these files when run from Prawn::Icon's gem directory.


You can optionally configure Prawn::Icon to use an alternate data directory for font files.

Prawn::Icon.configure do |config|
  config.font_directory = '/path/to/my/fonts'


I'll gladly accept pull requests that are well tested for any bug found in Prawn::Icon.

If there is enough demand for including a particular icon font, I will also accept a pull request to include it in Prawn::Icon.


Prawn::Icon is licensed under the same terms that are used by Prawn.

You may choose between Matz's terms, the GPLv2, or GPLv3. For details, please see the LICENSE, GPLv2, and GPLv3 files.