Polonium is being deprecated! Please use webrat or selenium-client instead.


Welcome to Polonium!

Polonium is a wrapper for Selenium that lets your write cleaner Selenium tests in ruby, and run them with a simple set of rake tasks.


Polonium depends on the Selenium gem. To install this dependency, run:

sudo gem install Selenium

The current version of this plugin can be found at:

You may install the plugin with the following command:

script/plugin install svn://

You may also use Polonium as a gem:

sudo gem install polonium

Getting Started

The polonium plugin rake tasks assumes you have a test/selenium directory with a selenium_suite.rb file in it. To get started, copy examples/selenium_suite.rb, examples/selenium_helper.rb, and examples/example_test.rb into your test/selenium directory.

To start the selenium server, run the command:


The selenium command was installed with the Selenium Gem.

You can run Polonium tests using rspec or test/unit through the rake tasks.

rake selenium:test
# or
rake selenium:spec

[TODO: this doesn’t seem to work on a vanilla project that is using Polonium as a gem & the code in the examples directory; @selenium_driver is nil. Is there an extra step necessary to get this working?]

You can also run individual tests straight ruby:

ruby test/selenium/any_selenium_test.rb

Future Enhancements

There are a few things we’d like to improve, but we wanted to get this out now. Check the tracker in the pivotal.rb RubyForge project for details.


Polonium is distributed under the MIT license. Copyright © 2007-2008 Pivotal Labs, Inc.


Contributions to this plugin are welcome. Contributions should be accompanied by tests. See for more details.