PolishGeeks Dev Tools

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Gem with a set of useful tools used when developing Ruby based applications.


group :development, :test do
  gem 'polishgeeks-dev-tools'


There are multiple options you can set either to true or false. All of them are available with configurator. Please use it only for development and testing environments. This config should be put in config/initializers/polishgeeks_dev_tools.rb file.

Note that all the options are turned on by default it depends on an app, which of the you should use.

If you want to use DevTools with all the default settings, you don't need to create an initializer.

Rack apps (Sinatra)

if %i( test development ).include?(App.environment)
  PolishGeeks::DevTools.setup do |config|
    # For example - lowering a simplecov_threshold
    config.simplecov_threshold = 98

Rack apps (Rails)

if %w( test development ).include?(Rails.env)
  PolishGeeks::DevTools.setup do |config|
    config.brakeman = true # Rails only
    # You can disable any command that is executed by setting it to false
    config.rubycritic = false

Available options

Some options might be available only for given framework (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, etc). Please refer to this table to determine, which you can use in your project:

Option Framework Description
brakeman Rails A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails
required_files - Check if required files are present and not empty
rubocop - Used to check Ruby syntax according to our styling
rubocop_rspec - Used to check RSpec syntax according to our styling
final_blank_line - Check if all files have final blank line
empty_methods - Check if some files have empty methods
expires_in - Checks if there are typos like expire_in, etc that might break app caching
haml_lint - User to check HAML syntax in the app views
yard - YARD documentation standards checking
rspec_files_names - Checks if all the rspec files have proper sufix (_spec.rb)
rspec_files_structure - Checks if we have corresponding _spec.rb files for each app/ lib ruby file
tasks_files_names - Checks if all the tasks for Capistrano and Rake files have proper extensions
rspec - Specs framework
rspec_disallow_pending - Disallow pending tests in specs
simplecov - Simplecov code coverage threshold checking
simplecov_threshold - Threshold level for code coverage
examples_comparator - Compares yml *.example files with non-examples and checks if they have same structure
rubycritic - Generates a RubyCritic for given project
allowed_extensions - Checks that all the files in ./config directory have an allowed extension
yml_parser - Checks that parameters of all yaml files in ./config directory have some value
bundler_audit - Checks for vulnerable versions of gems in Gemfile.lock
gemfile - Checks if Gemfile contains gems from local path

Config options

Some validators might accept additional config settings - please refer to this table for a description on how to use them:

Option Validator Description
required_files_include required_files You can provide an array of files that should be included in the check
rspec_files_structure_ignored rspec_files_structure You can provide an array of files that should be ignored
final_blank_line_ignored final_blank_line You can provide an array of files (ex. lib/file.rb) or directories (ex. lib/command) that should be ignored
empty_methods_ignored empty_methods You can provide an array of files (ex. lib/file.rb) or directories (ex. lib/command) that should be ignored

Usage in any Rails/Ruby application

Once you've set up all the options and a config initializer, please execute following command:

bundle exec rake polishgeeks:dev-tools:check

Usage with other Ruby gems

If you want to use this gem to check other gems quality, you will have to put following things in your gem Rakefile:

require 'bundler'
require 'rake'
require 'polishgeeks-dev-tools'

desc 'Self check using command maintained in this gem'
task :check do
  PolishGeeks::DevTools.setup do |config|
    # Any config option you want to disable/enable
    config.brakeman = false


task default: :check

And then from command line, run:

bundle exec rake